NADMO expends $200,000 to June 3 disaster victims


The National Disaster Management Organisation, (NADMO) has disbursed Two Hundred Thousand dollars ($200,000) to victims of the June 3 disaster.

The amount which was donated by the Government of Benin was disbursed to more than 90 victims.

Speaking at the presentation, Deputy Director of NADMO Seji Saji said 10 percent of the funds will be reserved to cater for victims who were not captured in the initial list , and will report later.

This is to ensure that all victims are fully supported. 

Fifteen (15) families of persons who lost their lives in the June 3 twin disaster had not received any compensation since 2015 when the incident occurred.The difficulty in identifying victims of the disaster whose names were not captured led to the establishment of the Special disbursement Committee.

The committee’s task was to ensure equal disbursement of the 200 thousand dollars donated by the government of Benin, and subsequent donations .Deputy Director of NADMO and Chairman for the committee, Seji Saji gave a breakdown of the disbursement.

“The committee decided to support each of the 40 severely injured persons with GHC10,000. For the 28 persons identified to have suffered minor injuries te committee decided to support them with GHC 8,000 cedis. For one other victim who is in a critical condition at the 37 Military hospital the commitee decided to support him with GHC 40,000 cedis for his surgery. We also decided as a committee to reserve some 10% of the total amount to cater for other cases that may come up after the donation.”

The Benin Ambassador to Ghana Martine-Francoise Dossa explained why her country made the donation.

“Benin and Ghana are brothers, we are both in West Africa. When we heard of this disaster we were very shocked, that is why we wanted to prove our friendship to Ghana by this donation”.

Meanwhile, a victim who received 10 thousand cedis said the money is not enough. 

A delegation later presented a cheque of 40 thousand cedis to a victim at the 37 military hospital who has been in and out of hospital since 2015, when the disaster .      

Story by Nathaniel Nartey.                              

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