”National Farmer’s Day is relevant”- Peasant Farmers Association

Dr. Charles Nyaaba

By Nathaniel Nartey

Head of Programmes and Advocacy at Peasant Farmers Association Dr. Charles Nyaaba says although Ghana has not attained self-sufficiency in food production, the celebration of National Farmers Day is still relevant.

This is because farmers cannot be blamed for Ghana’s food insufficiency. Speaking to GBC News, ahead of the National Farmers Day celebrations which would begin on November 29, 2021, Dr. Nyaaba said farmers have prevailed, despite issues such as climate change and the lack of access to fertilizers, hence they should be celebrated.

“If you look at food production it doesn’t take a day to change the turn of events, but with the current status quo, I don’t think it will fair for us to conclude that we have attained food self-sufficiency….it is not the making of the farmers that things are not going well for them so it is important that we continue to recognise them and find ways to motivate them”, Dr. Nyaaba stated.


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