The National Peace Council in collaboration with the  UNDP has organised a two-day capacity building workshop on gender roles in governance and peacebuilding for Council members and staff.
The workshop looked at Gender integration in Peacebuilding processes in governance with focus on the Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 16, which dwell on Gender Equality and the promotion of peace, justice and strong institutions.

The Ashanti Regional Executive Secretary of the National Peace Council, Reverend Emmanuel Badu Amoah noted that violent conflicts do not only affect only those actively involved in war but all people, especially the vulnerable group.

He, therefore, called on the need to ensure gender equity during conflict resolution and peacebuilding processes. This is because, during armed conflicts women, children and the aged are the most affected.
Reverend Badu Amoah said inspite of the fact that conflict impacts heavily on the lives of women, it is disheartening that they are not fully involved in the peacebuilding processes because the playing field is not level for both genders.
Women have always been and continue to be marginalized during peace negotiation table, hence there must be conscious effort to rectify this anomaly.
The National peace Council also commented on the low participation of women in politics, saying that it does not augur well for national development. Besides having low exposure in the political and public sphere, women have contributed significantly to peace-building activities in West Africa, before, during and after violent conflicts.
Reverend Emmanuel Badu Amoah explained that the absence of  women in peace process and the failure of peace agreements to promote gender equality can lead to discrimination of women and their continued marginalisation in post conflict rebuilding of society.
The UNDP Programme Analyst for Gender, Jennifer Asuako, emphasized the need for gender equality in all spheres of our endeavors to promote peace and development.
She said the partnership with help the National Peace Council to deliver on its mandate of facilitating and developing mechanisms for conflict prevention, management, resolution and to ensure Sustainable Development goals are achieved.  

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