National Youth Authority equips youth in Bongo with employable skills

By Prosper Adankai.

Some selected youth groups in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region have received employable skills training organised by the National Youth Authority to be economically independent and self-reliant.

Participants draw from the communities including Bongo -Soe, Feo and Namoo were trained in the preparation of detergents and handicrafts in addition to lectures on strategic marketing skills.

Speaking in an interview with GBC News, the Upper East Regional Director of the National Youth Authority (NYA), Francis Takyi-Koranteng disclosed that the NYA seeks to provide skills training to the youth in a bid to reduce teenage pregnancies and over indulgence in social vices.

He further disclosed that the livelihood skills training was targeted at 50 underprivileged youth, including those with disabilities. Mr. Takyi-Koranteng noted that the theme for the project was providing employable skills to vulnerable youth – a fight against poverty and social vices.

For his part, the Bongo District Youth Coordinator Issah Apania disclosed that the idea for the workshop was muted in August 2021 to target members of youth groups without any employable skills from communities including Bongo-soe, Feo and Namoo.

He encouraged beneficiaries to transfer their knowledge and skills to other members of the community.

Participants were taken through preparation of liquid soap and bleach, sandals decoration, and bridal cap making. Most beneficiaries expressed appreciation to the National Youth Authority and gave assurance to share the knowledge and skills acquired with member of their communities.


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