Nigeria jailbreak: No collaboration among security services in West Africa- Security Expert

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Security and Governance Expert, David Agbee, says there is no collaboration among the security services in Africa, especially in the West African sub-region which does not augur well for holistic security operations.

He noted that through systematic security collaboration and adequate measures in protecting territorial boundaries criminals would not be able to navigate to other countries.

Mr. Agbee was speaking to GBC News on the arrest by the Police of nine persons suspected to be part of the one thousand eight hundred prisoners who broke jail in Nigeria.

He said this could have been averted should the security apparatus in the sub-region acted swiftly.  The convicts who broke jail some two weeks ago are reported to have used the Volta River as an escape route to Ada Foah a suburb of Ada.

Meanwhile, GBC’s Daniel Numor reports that residents in Ada are apprehensive about the arrest of some suspected jail breakers from Nigeria in their community. They are worried the numbers could be more with some already integrated into their community and could foment trouble.


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