NMC expresses disappointment at unprofessionalism by some Media Managers

NMC Chairman, Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh.

By Yvonne Atilego.

The National Media Commission, NMC, says it is disappointed in what it refers to as unprofessionalism on the part of Managers of Onua TV/FM following its broadcast of some unsavoury pronouncements that hinge on peace and security by its morning show host, Captain Smart.

A statement by the Commission said Captain Smart called for “insurrection against the state of Ghana and its institutions” in a recent broadcast on Accra-based Onua FM.

Captain Smart has been cautioned on the offence of offensive conduct conducive to breaches of the peace as provided under section 2017 of the Criminal Act, 1960 (Act 29), according to a statement by the Ghana Police Service.

He was recently employed by Onua TV/FM, after resigning from Angel TV while on suspension regarding how he carried out his work there. The NMC said “on the morning show on Onua FM/TV, Captain Smart was heard allegedly inciting the Ghana Armed Forces against Members of Parliament and also calling on them to stage an uprising.

The NMC said the Media House “crossed the line of robust and critical broadcasting. ”It said the radio station by its action has transformed into what it called a “megaphone of war”.

The NMC said while that particular broadcast, without more, constitutes adequate grounds for regulatory action, they still retain the belief that given the chance, management could take steps to bring their content onto a level of professional acceptability.


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