Russia-Ukraine conflict may stall nuclear power projects

nuclear power projects
Dr. Seth Debrah

By: Mabel Adorkor Annang

Experts say the geopolitical war between Russia and Ukraine may lead to a delay in ongoing Nuclear Power Plant projects in some countries.

This is because the two countries produce turbines and other parts of some machinery that are used in the setting up of Nuclear Power Plants.

Speaking to GBC News, Director of the Nuclear Power Institute of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Seth Debrah said though issues about Nuclear Power supersede the Geo-politics in both countries, the conflict will have effect on some Nuclear Power Plant projects.

“Russia produces some Turbines the same as Russia around the world so when we talk about long live items like turbines, it may delay an ongoing project looking at the countries that are in this situation now, especially when you are ordering or your country is ordering from Ukraine especially when you have a Russian contractor at work trying to get the turbine from Ukraine.” he said.

Ukraine is heavily dependent on nuclear energy and has 15 reactors generating about half of its electricity. Apart from using nuclear power, Russia and Ukraine produce parts of some machinery that are used in the establishment of Nuclear Power Plants. Countries like Ghana are working hard to acquire a Nuclear Power Plant for cheap electricity and clean energy. But the current Russia-Ukraine war has shaken some production coming from the two countries.

Speaking to the Director of the Nuclear Power Institute of Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Seth Debrah said the delay in Ghana’s Nuclear Power Plant is solely dependent on the Contractor and Vendor country it may be coming from.

“The issue of Engineering Project Construction, EPC Contractor, the contractor may come from the Vendor Country. It may be one of these six or seven Vendor countries that we have around the world. That EPC Contractor must have enough connections to be able to actually sustain the supply chain of the nuclear power plant construction such that if he is not getting the component where he will have issues, then he can also seek those same things in another country or another company that can equally provide”.

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