News of my wealth has been grossly exaggerated -Sir Sam Jonah

sam jonah
Sir Sam Jonah.

Story by Konadu Benedicta

Businessman and Executive Chairman of Jonah Capital, an equity fund, Sir Sam Jonah says the media have grossly exaggerated his wealth in their reportage.

Speaking on the BBUM Show, Sam Jonah stated that he does not have the kind of wealth the media claims he has.

“News on my wealth has been grossly exaggerated. But let me just say this that I will, my father will be turning in his grave if he thought that I will be defined by how much I am worth “in monetary terms”. How much is Sam Jonah’s worth? One because I don’t have that level of wealth,” he explained.

Sir Sam Jonah sits with Thelma Tackie.

Mr Jonah, however, mentioned that he would like to be defined by what he stands for and not his wealth.

“I would like to be defined by what I stand for. I think my worth will come in values that I hold and the principles that I hold. I would rather want to be defined by that than pounds and cedis and pesewas. I think it’s a tragedy people want to be associated with. I mean the others who love that. Unfortunately, I don’t. More importantly, I just feel, it is, I think, it’s not something that you ought to be proud of. That you are defined by what people think you are worth, no,” he said.

Sir Sam Jonah is a Ghanaian businessman and the Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

He joined the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation in 1979 and later became the Chief Executive Officer. In 2009, he became a Non- Executive Director of Vodafone. He is also Chairman of the Boards of Equator Exploration Ltd., Scharrig Mining, Equinox Minerals, Uramin, Moto Goldmines Ltd., and Range Resources Ltd.

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