‘SDG Investor Platform’ to unlock trillions on SDG-Aligned Investment Globally launched

At a time investors are exploring more avenues for profitable returns, a UNDP digital map of Ghana is projecting the country’s market intelligence on investment opportunities, especially for private investors.

Dubbed the “SDG Investment Platform”, it is to fast-track the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG-aligned investments in the country and beyond.

Economies and markets may be struggling to stay afloat because of the knocks from the Coronavirus. But there remain several opportunities yet to be tapped. Many say, Ghana’s Agriculture, Healthcare, Communications, Infrastructure and Consumer goods are areas holding huge prospects awaiting investments to engender the needed growth.

Per the assessments, these are parts of the fundamental requirement to a country’s development drive, yet, with the numerous gaps, it means Ghana still lags behind. According to reports, Ghana’s annual SDG financial gap is estimated at 43 billion dollars.

The investor toolkit is expected to bridge that gap, correct the shortfalls, provide a readily assessiblmarket for investors and create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

For the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), the launch of the SDG Investment Platform aligns with the centre’s goals to identify and promote investments opportunities in Ghana.

Sports, Creative arts and culture are investment opportunities the platform will shift its attention to.


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