Security Analyst describes Ghana’s security situation as deteriorating

Adib Saani war
Adib Saani, Security Analyst

Security Analyst, Adib Saani, has expressed worry over the growing insecurity in the country, describing it as fast deteriorating.

His comments followed a couple of armed robbery attacks reported over the weekend.

Police last Friday shot and injured a suspected robber in an operation at the GIMPA/Fiesta Royal Junction in Accra.

The incident brings to five, the number of suspected robbers arrested on the stretch in a week, following several complaints of robbery attacks by commuters of that stretch.

There have also been other reported armed robbery cases across some parts of the country.

Speaking to GBC NEWS, Mr Adib Saanni said criminals are becoming more sophisticated and daring in attacking high profile people and there is the need for the Police to device means to get them arrested.

Mr. Saani said criminal investigations are conducted mainly by taking photos of the scenes, but it looks like that aspect is being ignored.

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