Security Analyst takes on Police on botched arrest of Madina MP, Xavier Sosu

Madina MP, Francis Xavier Sosu.

By Nathaniel Nartey.
Facebook: Nathaniel Nartey
Twitter: @Annertey_Nartey

The Law, when it comes to arrests or invitations to MPs, is expressly captured in Articles 117 and 118 of the 1992 constitution. Madina MP Francis Xavier Sosu is currently embroiled in a melee with the Police, over his purported role in a demonstration at Madina which the Police say went berserk.

The Police have invited him for questioning with a botched church arrest at the weekend. While the MP is said to have declined the invitation and allegedly used Parliamentary immunity to escape arrest, the Police say it remains unfazed.

ACP Kwesi Fori, Acting Director-General of Public Affairs at the Police Headquarters, says all legal means will be used to question the MP. But, has the MP fallen foul of any law? The view seems to be a mixed one.

Meanwhile, Security Analyst Adib Saani has criticised the approach used by the Police in dealing with the MP for Madina, Francis Xavier Sosu. The Police have made efforts to arrest the lawmaker on a number of occasions after he led residents of his Constituency to demonstrate over the bad nature of roads in the area.

Some of the demonstrators blocked roads and burnt car tyres which prompted the Police to invite the leader of the group Francis Sosu for interrogation which he refused, citing his immunity as a Member of Parliament doing his work.

”Unfortunately, the approach by the police makes it look like they are after a wanted fugitive. I think the best way the Police could have approached this was to have done it through the Speaker of Parliament, but they didn’t, it was after the controversies that they decided to now go through the Speaker,” the Security Analyst stated.


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