Septuagenarian Afua Akoto receives assistance from GBC

By: Beatrice Senadju

GBC News has paid a surprise visit to Septuagenarian, Afua Akoto in the Ashanti Region. Afua Akoto is a Grandmother of two, whose burning wish was for a cup of tea and buff loaf before she passed on.

GBC News was happy to provide that on a visit. This time, the team made a quick stop to check on her and update viewers on progress made in putting up a decent place to call home, for this family of three – a grandmother and her two grandchildren.

She was going about her normal routine, when our visit caught Afua Akoto off guard. It was a big surprise when she saw the camera man. The trick was to make her believe he was just passing through and decided to check up on her.  She then quickly started to tidy up her compound.

Pleasantries were exchanged – and then, the entire crew drove into her compound. Words could not describe her shock; and she did not know how to express her joy, at what she termed as an important visit to her. She quickly fetched some water, picked up soap and headed to her bathroom for a quick bath. When her preparation was over, the team surprised her with some goodies.

This visit to Afua Akoto was twofold. First, was to donate some clothes, foodstuffs, utensils and many others for her upkeep.

Realizing she now has new clothes, she hurriedly changed into one, to display.

The second part of our visit was to see the progress of work on the new building to house the septuagenarian. The project stalled completely due to inadequate funds, GBC News hopes it will be completed and handed over to her before Christmas.

Afua Akoto’s two grandchildren, Kwaku Nti and Seth Nti also had some of the gifts. They thanked all who supported the cause.

The donation to the Septuagenarian included some cash. It’s always difficult leaving Afua Akoto behind. Her sense of humour and expression of gratitude even in her disadvantaged circumstances is commendable.

We can all make the world a better place, by helping each other, starting with your neighbour. Afua Akoto is our focus today. Do extend a helping hand if you can, by partnering GBC News to complete the building project for Afua Akoto. All donations from cash, roofing sheets, cement, wood and other building materials can be sent to the GBC Newsroom.

Please help put a smile on the face of Afua Akoto – the 70-year old who will be content with a cup of tea, and a buff loaf.

Full Video Below;


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