Skills training; Panacea to economic emancipation


By: Naa Dzagbley Ago

Training vulnerable groups in society with employable skills has been described as one of the surest ways to bring about economic emancipation.

This is because these individuals and groups when equipped with the requisite skills will be able to generate income to cater for their needs.

It is in view of this, that Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) must be empowered to complement government’s efforts at making sure that citizens are economically self-reliant.

Dr. Sherry Ayittey

A Woman Activist and former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, Dr. Sherry Ayittey made the remarks at the launch of the Bernhoffman Care Foundation in Accra.

She said it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that government alone cannot provide employment to all of its citizens. Hence the support of other entities in society is crucial.

She added that, as stated in the Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) one, two, eight, ten, eleven and seventeen, no one must be left behind.

“Non-Governmental Organizations must also be encouraged and strengthened, because there are several NGOs for child care, child labor but the root cause of child labor is poverty and lack of family knowledge. Why will women give birth to ten children if she can be educated through family planning, that she can have four being the maximum and she can be empowered economically to take care of these children,” she said.

President of the Bernhoffman Care Foundation, Dr. Bernadette Hoffman said the Foundation is dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote economic empowerment, social justice, education and environmental sustainability all in line with the SDGs.

Through these avenues she noted, inclusive growth will be fostered and a better world built for future generations. She said the foundation has trained women in various skills, such as batik and beads making and hairdressing.

She stated that, “In line with our empowerment goals, we have just concluded training of the first cohort in skills- building initiatives with 102 participants. They were trained in fashion and designing, soap making, fragrance candles and baking.”

Dr. Hoffman said the Foundation is in the process of commencing morning breakfast trolleys in 15 government schools for children who would otherwise go without breakfast.

She indicated that,” as we embark on this incredible journey together, I urge each one of us to embrace the power of collaboration. None of us can solve the world’s challenges alone, but together we can be a force to be reckoned.”

Dr. Hoffman called for support to achieve the objectives set out by the Foundation.

“I encourage you to lend your expertise, your resources and your voices to the causes we champion. Let us pool our talents and knowledge, for it is through unity that we can achieve remarkable breakthroughs,” she said.



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