Thank you for supporting Kadija Adams – Herbert Mensah to GB Foods

President and Board Chairman of Ghana Rugby, Herbert Mensah.

President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union, Herbert Mensah has expressed appreciation to GB Foods, producers of Gino and Poma products for supporting the son of Mrs Kadija Adams to undergo a hole in heart surgery.

Mrs. Adams is one of the few Ghanaians who have contributed greatly to the development of Rugby in Ghana so the Union and other partners came together to raise money for the surgery when the family appealed to it for support.

The surgery was done at the Police Hospital in Accra last Friday and it was successful but he has to go through further treatments to recover fully.

Mr Mensah who helped to raise money for the surgery thanked GB Foods and other partners for supporting Mrs Adams’ son to undergo the surgery despite the challenges Companies faced with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before the boy’s surgery, Mrs Mensah and her family contracted COVID-19 but recovered from the disease with the support of the Ghana Rugby Football Union.

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