The 4th Annual Creative Art Exhibition


The NVA Marketing and Promotions is set to present the 4th Annual Creative Art Exhibition on Saturday, December 15 – Sunday December 16 at the Ndoleb Event Center at Tesano in Accra. NVA Marketing and Promotions is a marketing, promotions, event management and staffing firm.

The Art event showcases outstanding works from some of the country’s best galleries. For just four years running, the show has stimulated attention by these talents as artists present rich and diverse cross-section of visual art scenes. At the event, artists produce, present and sell works of arts including Sculpture, Portraits, oil paintings and more.


Speaking on Uniiq FM Breakfast Show, the Managing Director of NVA Marketing and Promotions, Nunana Awoonor Mawuenyega, said the Creative Art Exhibition started in 2014 and the main purpose of the event is to promote Ghana through creative works by helping artists in Ghana who are very talented but have a limited capacity on how to expose themselves. The event gives these artists the opportunity to meet and interact with targeted audience who are from the international institutions.

Aside promoting the works of local Artists, they also help showcase the works of international artists. She added that, 15 artists are expected at the event so they are able to have networking opportunities with international experts.

“We want to create that idea for them so that at the end of the day they are able to stand on their own two feet. They don’t require anybody to come and do any managerial or administrative work for them in order to push them here and there. Because we have given them that exposure, they are able to decide by themselves.” She said.

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