Tongor-Dzemeni Charcoal Drivers demand permanent location

By Jones Anlimah

Members of the Tongor-Dzemeni Charcoal Drivers Union in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region, say though they pay ‘station fees’ to the District Assembly, they have no conducive place for their activities and this is impacting on their health.

The members are therefore appealing to the District Assembly to as a matter of urgency relocate them to a permanent loading station.

Our Volta Regional Correspondent Jones Anlimah reports that Charcoal business at Tongor Dzemeni in the South Dayi district of the Volta region is a thriving one. It offers direct and indirect job avenues for the people especially the youth in the town and its immediate environs.

Charcoal is one of the main commodities transported from the Afram plains by boat to Tongor Dzemeni. From here sorting and loading are done for onward transporting to major market centers in the country including the Greater Accra region.



Members of the Charcoal Drivers’ Union are however not happy with the decision of the District Assembly to put them close to a refuse dumping site that is said to have been uncleared for almost a year irrespective of the health implications.

According to them, even though they pay ‘station fees’ to the Assembly, where they have been given to operate from, they pose serious health risks to them. They contend that the situation becomes unbearable anytime it rains.

A close walk near the refuse dump site will expose one to an unpleasant stench. To this end, the members are appealing to the district assembly and by extension the government to as a matter of urgency relocate them.

Members of the Union also want the government to pay attention to the road network from the Asikuma junction leading to the Community which according to them is a major contributory factor to their frequent truck breakdowns.


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