Tread cautiously to win the trust of the people- Rev. Opuni-Frimpong


Founder of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa (ACAA), Rev Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong has called on government to give the masses the same resources and attention it has over the years offered politicians to maintain public trust and balance.

He said although it behooved on the state to provide the resources and cater for the welfare of political leaders to serve well, the welfare of the masses including the public sector workers was equally important and deserved that attention.

“Our political leaders must be resourced to be in a better position to serve us well, however, we must note that there are state institutions that must equally be resourced to serve us well too and communities which are in dire need of basic amenities to survive and we must pay equal attention to erode public trust,” he said.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on the provisions and recommendations of the emoluments committee of the article 71 officeholders, he said “the tendency where it is about the article 71 officeholders or the political leadership, we seem to have the resources to provide their needs, but when it is for the public sector, we portray that the state cannot afford is eroding public trust and it is dangerous for our democracy”

He cited the 28 million dollar loan for the Members of Parliament and that of the Members of Council of State to procure vehicles which generated public outcry as an example that was giving too much favour to politicians.

He said although the loan for the Members of Parliament and other emoluments for the political class were constitutional, it created an impression of superiority and inferiority classes, where the needs of a section of the population superseded the other and describing it as dangerous.

He said with the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy, Ghanaians were in challenging moments and the masses including; the public sector workers were ready to sacrifice until it regained its rightful status and called on the government to act judiciously.

Reverend Opuni-Frimpong who is a Presbyterian Minister, Lecturer and Founder of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa (ACAA) said on daily basis, hospitals and schools cried for basic facilities such as beds, water, basic medical equipment and many others and therefore needed more attention.

“On daily basis we hear reports of children learning in dilapidated buildings nearing collapse, we hear shortage of beds in our health facilities and basic medical equipment to save lives of the ordinary Ghanaian, we hear public servants crying for better working conditions and pay rise and the impression is that government is working at it, yet on the other side we see provisions involving huge sums of money which is a signal that must be critically looked at to enhance trust between the people and the political class” he submitted.

Rev Opuni-Frimpong who is also a past General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana said such a signal was pushing Ghanaians to that point where there would be no trust between the people and the political class who they voted for.

The ACAA is a network of individual Christian leaders both lay and ordained with varied professional backgrounds and not-for-profit organisation concern about the current disconnect between the massive Christian presence and matters of public policy and sustainable development.

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