TUC endorses Punctuality Campaign


The Secretary-General of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Dr. Yaw Baah has pledged to ensure that all the 21 affiliates sign on to the Punctuality Campaign.

Dr. Baah said he wished the TUC was the first to have made the pledge.

He said the signing of the pledge by the President and his Vice will be a good support to the campaign to motivate the workforce.

Dr. Baah said this at the TUC Headquarters in Accra when he pledged and signed the Punctuality Campaign on behalf of the union as the 32nd institution to get on board.

The meeting started with a recital of the national pledge. Members present were the punctuality campaign executives with volunteers and executives of the Trade Union Congress, TUC.

The essence of the campaign is to deepen the sense of punctuality in the area of government businesses for the country to become a global competitor.

The Secretary-General of the TUC, Dr. Yaw Baah signed and pledged his support to the punctuality campaign.

He lauded the campaign as one of the best causes to be undertaken in the country.

The lead campaigner of the Punctuality Ghana Foundation, Emmanuel Amarquaye criticised the act of workers being efficient behind closed doors but on the contrary lackadaisical in delivery of services at their offices.

He added that the campaign is not to serve as a witch hunt but to help solve the challenges that the workforce faces in being punctual to execute their duties as expected.

The Punctuality campaign started in 2017 and has so far been signed unto by 32 institutions in the country.

Mr Amarquaye said the President and his vice are expected to sign on in order to have the full backing of the state.

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