Upper West residents disregard COVID-19 safety protocols


The Upper West Regional Health Directorate has expressed worry over the blatant disregard for the COVID-19 safety protocols by people in the region.

The Directorate said the negative attitudes of many in not complying with the safety protocols has contributed to an astronomical rise in coronavirus cases from 97 at the end of last year, to 514 this month.

In an interview with GBC NEWS in Wa, the Deputy Director in Charge of Public Health, Dr. Richard Wudah-Seme, said the region recorded 417 cases in the last eight months, compared to 97 in 2020.

Dr.  Wudah-Seme said current active cases in the region stand at 14 from two districts and the Wa Municipality.

Dr. Wudah-Seme entreated the public to return to the strict compliance with the safety protocols when the virus first emerged, to stem its spread.

He advised all to wash their hands with soap under running water, wear approved facemasks properly and observe physical distance.

The Deputy Director of Public Health, said the worry now, is that many of the health workers are getting infected with the virus, adding that, the region is already struggling to meet its human resource needs in the health sector.

Provision of health care will therefore be negatively affected if the trend continues.

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