Vea-Gowrie: Residents appeal for construction of bridge on dam spillway

By Samuel Ayammah.

Residents of Vea and Gowrie, in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region, are appealing to government; through the Bongo District Assembly and the Irrigation Company of Upper East Region, ICOUR, to consider constructing a bridge, over the spillway of the Vea Irrigation Dam. This is to enable them to cart their farm produce to market centres and link them also with other neighbouring communities.

The residents say the only road that connects the two communities to adjoining towns is flooded due to excessive water from the dam. They say this is adversely affecting everyday life. Residents now pay between GHC 5 and GHC 20 each day, for canoe services to other communities. They are calling on the government to urgently construct a bridge on the spillway for easy passage when it rains. A teacher at Zorkor Senior High School, Obed Atongo, also appealed to the government for the bridge.

A Physician Assistant at the Vea Health Centre, Ayambila Marciana, said health workers have to pay GHC 14 each day, to and from work. She said it is problematic referring pregnant women or critically ill patients with complications to the Bongo District hospital.

Emmanuel Atote, a Canoe Operator said the charges vary, depending on the type and length of journey.

At a news conference at Vea, the Spokesperson for the communities, Milton Aberinga, said the people were not happy that the government had failed to construct a bridge on the spillway, which serves as the only link between Vea and Gowrie. He said the spillway gets flooded whenever it rains, so their only option to access social services is the canoe, which is expensive.


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