W/R: Tidal Waves wreck havoc at Anlo Beach at Shama, hundreds displaced

By Joyce Gyekye

Residents of Anlo-Beach at Shama in the Western Region continue to bear the brunt of tidal waves which have displaced more than 800 people and washed away about 200 houses.

An Opinion Leader of the Community, Noble Dogbatse said since 2017, the occurrence of the waves has intensified. He said on the 5th and 6th of November, 2021 the waves destroyed two canoes and entered more houses. Mr. Dogbatse expressed worry that COVID-19 might spread as affected people live in overcrowded houses of relatives.

” The livelihoods of the people in the Community which is fishing, has been greatly affected, as more canoes and ovens for fisher-folk got destroyed by the waves”, he noted.

Mr. Dogbatse said the Community is in despair as land allotted for their relocation has become a point of litigation, by two families.

”The case is in court”,he noted.

The Anlo-Beach at Shama in the Western Region, during the World Disaster Day, 1995 was informed of the current issues following a scientific study, but the people ignored the report.

In view of this a land was acquired for them but they failed to relocate.

Mr. Dogbatse said they very much regret not relocating at that time, adding that “Climate change is real”.

He said the issue of Coastal Erosion is a National one, as Ghana’s shoreline continues to reduce.

Below is the video;


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