We need more encouraging words – Ghanaian students in Ukraine


By Nana Ama Gyapong

Ghanaian students stranded in Ukraine have called on their family and friends, particularly their parents to offer them encouraging words anytime they call to check on them, rather than pressuring them to either move away from the Country or move to a different city. They added that they are not happy being in a war zone especially when they hear blasts every minute, but it is not safe to move out either. They made this plea earlier on the GTV Breakfast Show.

Late in 2021, Russia began deploying big numbers of troops close to Ukraine’s borders, while repeatedly denying it was going to attack. These are terrifying times for the people of Ukraine and horrifying for the rest of the Continent, witnessing a major power in such skirmishes in an European Country, since World War Two. Several countries from around the world living and studying in Ukraine have been affected by the war of which Ghanaians are not exempted.

Some Ghanaian students living in Ukraine have stated that “Ukraine is a very big city, we have friends and family giving us pressure to move as if it’s just a small place that you can just get up and start moving. People say that your friends are in Poland and you are still here but it’s not as if we want to be here, nobody wants to be in a war zone. We keep hearing loud blasts every day and so they should not give us pressure to move out because it is not safe out there either is there any means of transport”.

The students said that “our parents back home, anytime you call us I would advise you give us words of encouragement instead of causing fear because the mental state of each student is not good”.

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