World Bank to assist transform Ghana’s State Owned Enterprises into Profit oriented entities

World Bank Country Director in Ghana, Pierre Laporte, has reiterated the Bank’s support to the Reform Agenda of Ghana’s public enterprises.

He said the Bank is currently in discussions with relevant stakeholders for a potential ‘Programme-for-results’ to be submitted for approval next year.

The programme is aimed at supporting the State-Owned Enterprises sector.

Mr. Laporte said this at the signing ceremony of the 2021 Performance Contract signing between the State Interests and Governance Authority and 71 State-Owned Enterprises, Joint Venture Capitals and other state entities in Accra.

Mr. Laporte said the World Bank is also preparing another ‘Programme-for-Results’ in the energy sector whose key focus areas include improvement of Electricity Company of Ghana performance and corporate governance.

He said the COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives, affecting billions of people across the world.


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