The Daily Graphic says the police owe it a duty to be consistent with their statements so they can command the respect, confidence and trust of the public to make their work successful. The paper says contradictions in communication have the potential of denting the image of the police hence a review of their communication strategies will be to the benefit of all. It notes that Ghanaians look forward to the proven professionalism of the police in unravelling the mystery surrounding the missing ”Takoradi girls”. The Graphic advises them not to lose sight of the fact that fighting crime is a shared responsibility between them and the rest of the people and it is only when there is trust that collaboration can be possible.

The Ghanaian Times is confident that the introduction of drones in the distribution and supply of blood to save lives would make health delivery effective, since they have been developed for safe and rapid delivery of medical supplies to remote and rural communities. The Times says using the drones to deliver medical supplies is cost effective, and Ghana will derive full benefits from the agreement signed between Zipline and government. The paper hopes Ghanaians will offer the needed cooperation for the drone service to succeed.

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