To reduce corruption in state agencies, government  will intensify the promotion and use of digital financial services among public institutions. This falls in line with government’s desire to go paperless across board.

The Minister for Communications, Mrs. Ursula Owusu Ekuful said  the use of digital financial services will help improve revenue collection for development purposes. She was speaking on the sidelines of a stakeholders forum in Accra.

“We particularly want  to promote digital financial services and electronic money usage instead of paper so the people can pay directly for the services they want and the money the payment will go instantly or straight to the agency providing that service. This will help reduce corruption.”

On the issue of high cost of internet data, Mrs. Ekuful said government will absorb some of the burden of the Telecommunications network by providing them with the needed infrastructure to help reduce the cost of service to internet users.

“This industry is private sector led and the motivation of a private sector is profit but will also be insistent on the digitization of the whole country and encouraging more people to use technology and so encouraging more infrastructure sharing …….government itself is investing in some of that infrastructure, which can also be put into the pool for the use of the private sector so if they don’t have to invest capital expenditure in building the infrastructure which already exists they can be used as resources in just the the network and in providing services so as they optimise the use of the resources they find that because government is also taking on some of the burden of providing in the shelter infrastructure usage across the country to ensure the cost of providing the services will reduce and that will translate into lower prices for data.”

The Acting Director General of the National Information Technology Agency, NITA David Gyawu told Radio Ghana’s Nathaniel Nartey that government does not control the price of data, adding that competition among network operators is the major factor in determining data prices.

“We believe competition should really deal with the pricing issue it is not really the thing for government to do price control because businesses have their demands and spending”

Story by Nathaniel Nartey.

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