The Aayalolo Bus Rapid Transport Services, is facing financial and infrastructural challenges that are affecting its smooth operations.

Inaugurated in 2016, the Aayalolo service was to supplement Ghana’s commercial transport as well as provide time-bound transport services to commuters in Accra. But months after its inauguration it appears most commuters in the city are not patronising the buses despite the fact that it comes with free wifi, cheaper fares and a lot more comfort.

Speaking on GBC’s Current Affairs Programme, “Talking Point”, which discussed “Ghana’s Public Transport System”, PRO of the Aayalolo Bus Rapid Transport, Fred Chidi said the challenges make the system unsustainable.

A governance Expert, Fredrick Agyarko Oduro said the country needs an integrated transport system rather than the current disintegrated one.

For his part, Deputy Minister for Transport, Titus Glover said government is developing infrastructure to improve the public transport system.

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