Abedi Ayew Pele.

Ghana football legend and former captain of the Black Stars, Abedi Ayew Pele, says he would never forgive Uruguayan and Barcelona forward, Luis Suarez, for his ‘hand of God’ save against Ghana at the FIFA World Cup staged in South Africa in 2010.

Abedi Pele said but for that instinctive save, Ghana and Africa would have reached her first semifinal berth at the global soccer showpiece.

Pele was on Sunday’s ‘Time with the Captains’ series on GTV Sports+. The discussion was on 10 years after Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup in South Africa for the first time.

“It’s deliberate. What does your hands want here?”

“When somebody punches a ball behind the goal line, it’s goal. For me, it was a goal. I didn’t see the reasons why we had to go for that penalty. In the game, in my mind and my heart, Ghana was the winner.”

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