The Accra Central District courts have been closed down due to the dilapidated nature of the buildings. The Chief Justice on her tour of the courts in the Regions last year vowed to close down all court buildings that are in bad shape and true to her words the process has started. Court Correspondent, Naomi Komeh says almost all the buildings are in bad shape with some of the roof coming off. The walls are cracked and some of the structures almost coming down.

The Madar Motor Court which is one of the first motor courts in the country has its ceilings ripped off. A source at the court informed the media that when it rains the entire place becomes flooded. The Witness Stand of the court has also broken down. Court users who came to the premises were stranded as they were seen moving up and down and some in groups discussing the matter. Speaking to Radio Ghana some of them said they were told to go back and come another day since all the courts have been closed down.

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