Several parts of the capital, Accra have again been filled with floodwaters after a few hours of heavy rains on Thursday.

Some of the worst affected areas are Kaneshie, Circle Legon and surrounding areas.

This is the umpteenth time Accra is experiencing such floods anytime there is a downpour.

Videos on social media show that some private and commercial vehicles were trapped in the waters that have inundated some roads leaving passengers in a distressing situation.

The situation is no different at market centers and residential homes as occupants have also been trapped.

Drains have been engulfed with heaps of rubbish – blocking the free flow of the waters.

Today’s floods have renewed calls on city authorities to take drastic measures in tackling the myriad of challenges affecting the Accra living.

Despite the government’s assurances to address the perennial floodings and adverse impacts, nothing major seems to have been done in that regard.


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