Louanges Mang, founder of the Neskael Corporate Show speaking to the media in Accra

The founder of the Neskael Corporate Show, Louanges Mang, says Ghanaian and African fabrics can serve patrons in more ways than just being used for casual wear and social events like weddings and funerals.

The Neskael Corporate Show is an annual event organised by Louanges Mang’s Neskael Travel and Tours company since 2014, to help promote Ghanaian and African flair in the corporate world through fashion.

Speaking to the media recently ahead of the sixth Neskael Corporate Show scheduled for November 30 at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra, Louanges Mang said this year’s edition is themed ‘Return To Wear Made-In-Ghana.’

“We promote the use of Ghanaian/African fabrics and accessories in the fashion industry. The event comprises a bazaar and a fashion show which has built successful relationships with textile industries, designers, fashion buyers and other key stakeholders over the years, thereby making it one of the biggest platforms for fashion industry players in this country.”

The usually colourful Dutch Wax prints are extremely popular in this part of the world and have been appropriated as Ghanaian and African since the late 1840s. There are also the purely locally-produced kente, fugu, adinkra and other fabrics with typical Ghanaian names and history.

“Back in 2014, I noticed the low patronage of Ghanaian fabrics by our corporate people. Majority of them thought our fabrics are more for casual stuff, weddings and funerals,” the Ghanaian-Beninois Louanges Mang said. “So, I came up with the Neskael Corporate Show to attract the corporate world and I’m happy to say we have made an appreciable impact.”

According to her, the show is privileged to have secured support from the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Year of Return secretariat. She revealed that Made-in-Ghana Ambassador, Okyeame Kwame, is associated with this year’s show by courtesy of those two bodies.

“We’ll have great performances and design showcases at the bazaar and on the runway. We’ll exhibit the abundant talents and resources we have for fashion in this country. It will generally be a great day of promoting and marketing made-in-Ghana products and services,” the show organiser added.

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