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Amended Criminal Offences Law 2022 : Ghana’s Parliament outlaws witchcraft accusations

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The Parliament of Ghana has criminalized the practice of witchcraft accusations by passing the Criminal Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2022 last night.

The Bill prohibits the practice by any person as a Witch Doctor or a Witch Finder. It also bans the declaration, accusation, naming or labelling of another person as a witch. 

The sponsors of the Bill included Members of Parliament for Madina, Francis-Xavier Sosu ,Pusiga, Laadi Ayii Ayamba; and that of  Afram Plains North, Betty Krosbi Mensah.

The lynching of 90-year-old Madam Akua Denteh at Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality on accusation of witchcraft in July 2020 became the catalyst for the introduction of the Bill. 

The Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin said ”it is disheartening that many elderly citizens through no fault of theirs should be labeled witches and be subjected to inhumane treatment”.


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