As part of activities to mark the World Press Freedom Day, the Ashanti Regional Chapter of Ghana Journalists Association, (GJA), has undertaken massive coconut tree planting  around the bank of river bodies near Miklin hotel in the Kumasi Metropolis.

Many coconut seedlings were planted along water logged area close to the Miklin hotel which frequently gets flooded when its rains heavily.

Similar exercise was carried out at the Kumasi Press Centre under construction which is 60 percent complete but had been abandoned close to fours years now.

Addressing journalists after the exercise, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of GJA, Kingsley Hope expressed serious concern about unrestrained cutting down of trees which serve in the past as wind break and shade for resting.

Mr. Hope appealed to traditional rulers and residents not to sit aloof, but be vigilant to the environmental havoc being caused to be able to guarantee safe environment from wanton destruction.

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