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Melcom opens more shops ahead of Black Friday, Christmas

By: Edzorna Francis Mensah

Melcom Group of Companies, a leading retailing shopping Centre in Ghana has opened one of the largest facilities, a ‘Three Storey Melcom Superstore’ at East Legon, Boundary Road ahead of Black Friday and Christmas.

The Group is determined to open a new Melcom Branch in Takoradi and another one which will be by far the most modern Melcom Branch on the Spintex Road in The Melcom Mall.

In the last few weeks, this December, the group will have to open its doors again to the residents living in Sakumono and Baatsona areas with a Melcom Mini which is said, it’s well stocked and as big as some fully fleshed stores including Pizza Hut.

At a Media engagement on Wednesday 30th November 2022 for the opening ceremony of Melcom East Legon, the Director of Communications at Melcom Group of Companies, Godwin Avenorgbo said, “as you are already aware of major events, the Black Friday is being observed globally and Ghana is not left out. At Melcom we are extending the duration to make it possible for all our clients to make purchases at their convenience.

Since it has become obvious that Black Friday is a precursor of the huge global Christmas Season, Melcom Management has taken steps to invest in bigger, better and more modern facilities to improve the shopping experience for all its loyal Customers, and “our everyday lower prices are made even stronger with discounts that are bigger and better than ever. Whatever you buy gives you more value, for as little as you spend. Take your cedi further at Melcom! Our varieties are limitless for household needs, office, indoor and outdoor”.

According to Mr. Avenorgbo “the state-of-the-art facility is a one-stop shop designed to serve all demographics of our clientele and it also has a Pizza Hut restaurant, the 10th location in Ghana with more coming soon, along with other exciting concepts such as a bar, a gym and a gourmet Lebanese restaurant coming soon.

Our new, Art Kitchen, gives you the opportunity to take a break from your shopping to enjoy a selection of freshly prepared snacks or full meal right here in the shop. Our menu offers you choices from Ghanaian, Lebanese, Indian, and continental Japanese including sushi dishes, at very reasonable prices”.

He said, with a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, a bakery, butcher and fishmonger with fresh seafood, delicatessen and separate pork room to maintain the Halal status of the main butchery.

“Melcom, the Original Cedi Saver is investing in New Look Stores with new features and attractions for the convenience of our Customers/Patrons. These are reflected at

varying levels of our operations from food to non-food, covering new and extended departments namely, Multimedia, Small Appliances, Home Care, Delicatessen, The Liquor Store, Petfection, Butchery, The Art Kitchen, Frozen Foods, Bakery, Baby Care and Fresh Produce, to mention a few.

Our customers can now enjoy a World Class Shopping Experience right here at Melcom”.

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