Charcoal Shortage hits Accra

By Phyllis Dotse & Lordia Owusu

There has in recent times been a shortage of charcoal in Accra. The situation has affected consumers of the product especially those who depend on it for a livelihood.

GBC News’ interacting with some charcoal vendors at the Santana market at Tesano in Accra, shared their sentiments about the situation and how it is affecting them.

Mariama Abubakari is the leader of the charcoal vendors at the Santana Market. She says there is difficulty in getting charcoal and this has made business very slow.

‘’Selling charcoal is my only source of livelihood and I hope that the government will come to my aid’’, she stated.

Another vendor said she has to travel some kilometers to Nsawam to meet the charcoal drivers, ”to pre-order before I can get a few bags to buy’’, the charcoal vendor noted.



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