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Easter Shopping binge lights up Accra Market

By Vivian Amoah

In Accra, Ghana, the Easter shopping passion has taken hold as residents flock to the vibrant markets in search of festive delights. The bustling stalls are adorned with colorful decorations, sweet treats, and a variety of Easter essentials, creating a lively and spirited atmosphere.

Local vendors have stocked up on an array of Easter goodies, from varied decorated eggs to traditional Ghanaian dishes and snacks. Shoppers are seen perusing the markets, selecting flowers, chocolates, and other treats to celebrate the holiday in style.

Accra’s markets are a hive of activity as families and friends come together to shop for gifts, decorations, and special treats to mark the occasion. The sound of laughter and chatter fills the air as shoppers immerse themselves in the joy of Easter shopping.

Children are not forgotten in the festivities, with toy vendors showcasing an assortment of Easter-themed toys, games, and gifts to delight the young ones. Parents are seen indulging in the delight of selecting special surprises for their children to enjoy during the holiday.

As the Easter shopping spree continues to unfold in Accra, the sense of community and togetherness grows stronger, with residents embracing the spirit of the season with open arms.

The markets remain a hub of activity and excitement, as shoppers prepare to usher in Easter Sunday with love, joy, and a touch of Ghanaian flair.

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