IEA calls for key interventions to support businesses amidst COVID-19

Director of Research of IEA, Dr. John Kwakye

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has called on government to introduce key interventions for businesses to protect livelihoods as the country works around the path to economic recovery as a result of COVID-19.

Director of Research of IEA, Dr. John Kwakye called for a re look at the budget with focus on key sectors that will spur growth.

He noted that some of the economic financial target in the 2021 budget does not appear to be sufficiently ambitious as they are not bold efforts to leverage the country’s resources and financial targets.

He made this known at a Post Budget forum.

Dr. Kwakye was optimistic of the 5 percent growth of the economy as projected will be achieved despite the adverse effect of COVID-19.


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