Traders at Mallam Atta & Nima ask Finance Minister to reduce fuel prices

By Nana Ama Omari & Maame Esi Quainoo

Ahead of the 2022 Budget Presentation on November 17, 2021, some traders at the Mallam Atta and Nima Markets have expressed worry over the persistent increase in fuel prices which has resulted in high prices of goods and services, transportation, utility bills, rent, taxes among others.

At the Mallam Atta Market some traders who spoke to our reporters Nana Ama Omari and Maame Esi Quainoo said they are expecting the government to reduce the tax burden on them, as well as high utility bills which is collapsing their businesses. This they believe will ameliorate their plight and make life more comfortable for them.

”Things are very expensive and due to that people don’t even come to the market to buy. I plead with the government to reduce the prices of items. Now the price of a kenkey ball is two cedis”.

” I plead with the government to reduce the price of fuel. We love the President, but we plead with him to do something about the fuel to enable the prices of commodities to come down because when there’s an increase in fuel prices, it affects everything”, according to the traders.

Expectations of traders at the Nima Market was no different from that of Mallam Atta market. While some traders encouraged the government to do more to boost sales, others said they expect the government to allocate more funds for roads for easy transportation of goods because bad roads affect their businesses.

”There is always an increment of rent every year by Landlords and when we ask, they say it is so because there’s an increment on everything. I plead with the government to talk to the Land lard’s on our behalf, because every year my Landlord increases my rent.

”If the government does not increase taxes, I will be very happy, because there is already a lot of increment, especially for traders. At the end of the year, I pay rent ………therefore if we add water bill and light bill we do not gain any profit, so we are pleading with the government not to increase taxes”, some traders plead.


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