Agbogbomefia of Asogli and President of the National House of Chiefs Togbe Afede says the Commission of inquiry into the creation of new regions has no power to exclude people of regions to be altered from voting in the referendum.

He said though the Commission is mandated to advise the President on what is to be done, its recommendation ought to be in tune with guidelines in the 1992 Constitution.

Togbe Afede who was addressing a delegation of the Association of Ewe Chiefs said the Constitution specified clearly decisions that require a referendum such as the creation of new regions, alteration of boundaries of regions and merger of regions and that once the boundaries of Volta Region and other regions earmarked for the creation of new regions would be affected, all natives of those regions are to partake in the referendum.

He said it is not only disingenuous, but dangerous to cite “wrong examples” of Scotland, Eritrea, South Sudan, Trans Volta Togoland, and other distinct territories or countries in disregard to the 1992 Constitution.

Togbe Afede said “the use of these examples is creating a dangerous precedent, with implications for the survival of the country.

He said people have deferent desires and opinions hence the need to use the Constitution “to weed the path through the diverse and conflicting desires and opinions.”

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