The Supreme Court has set the March 27, to rule on the case of Alfred Agbeshie Woyome
asking the court to reverse its decision to continue to hear dispute over two properties of his in the Supreme Court.

A sole judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Benin on the 3rd of December last year ruled that contention on two of Woyome's properties found by the state to be sold to defray the cost of 52 million cedis judgement debt for which he is indebted to the state, must continue to be heard in the Supreme Court and not the Accra High court.

But it was the case of Alfred Agbeshie Woyome that, once defunct UT Bank has joined the case to claim ownership of those two properties the state want to sell, it should be adjucated at the high court, so that, in the event a party loses, one can proceed to the Supreme Court to challenge it.

The Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Yeboa-Dame after counsel for Woyome, Osarfo Buabeng had filed the reversal application also opposed to it.

Mr. Yeboa- Dame argued that his opposition to the application is on the grounds that, timing for such a reversal application to be made was wrong. He said legally, such application should be filed within a month after the decision of the court but in this case, from December 3, last year up to the January 13, this year when the application was made, time has far elapsed for it to have a legal grounds.

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