The Tema Region of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) will on September 6th commission its newly constructed primary sub-station at Tema Meridian.


The five million US Dollars sub-station would receive 33kilovolts of power from the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) and convert it into 11kv to feed the sub-station D and A at the harbour area and Tema Development Company (TDC) area respectively.

Tema Regional ECG Engineer,  Emmanuel Appoe, disclosed this on Wednesday when he led the media to tour the primary sub-station ahead of the commissioning.


Mr. Appoe said the facility which had a 40 Mega Watt (MW) capacity with each of the two transformers holding 20MW each, would be interconnected to provide dual power supply to the Tema Community Two areas and Tema Harbour enclave.


He explained that when sub-station D is faulty or down, the station could distribute power to the areas affected using the sub-station A, and vice versa thereby reducing the frequency of power outages.



He added that the relays connected at the primary sub-station could detect faults within the system and subsequently issue warnings and commands for rectification.



The Engineer noted that the station was constructed within 18 months by two Ghanaian contractors; Jomef Electrical Contractors Ltd and Komfather Electrical and Contractor Company Limited.



The station had two transformers, 10 to 12 panels, and relays, tap changers, Alternate Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) Distribution Boards, batteries room and basement for cables.



Tema Regional General Manager,  Joseph M. Forson, briefing the media before the tour, said electricity flowed in four supply chain mode which are; generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.



Mr. Forson indicated that currently, the country’s energy supply outstripped its demand as a total of 3,794.60MW and 3,525.10MW was being supplied and demanded as at the end of 2017.



He said out of the total demand ECG handles 2,386 MW for the southern sector of the country while the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCO) distribute the rest to the northern sector.



He indicated that Tema Region which had seven districts and considered as the revenue and industrial hub of ECG had a 300MW power demand.

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