North East Region appeal for Regional Director of Education


It is almost two years into the conception of the North East Region, and the region has no Director for Education. This situation, for the Regional Minister, Mr. Yidana Zakaria is worrisome. He is asking the Education Ministry to treat this urgently and fill that gap for the region.

The North East region has some good educational facilities from the basic to the tertiary levels. The region has 49 KG and Crèche, 501 primary schools, 189 Junior high schools and 12 Senior high schools.

It also has one Nurses and Midwifery training school, a college of education and a Vocational and technical school.

The sector is faced with a myriad of challenges ranging from the lack of physical structures to furniture as well as teachers and teaching and learning materials.

Performance of both pupils and students at the Basic and the secondary levels is not the best compared to those in the other regions.

It is for the above challenges that, the Minister is calling for the appointment of a Regional Director of Education to coordinate all programs of the Ministry to improve upon the falling standard of education in the region.

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