UniMAC gears up for Inter-faculty research seminar

research seminar

By Adjei Dickens Ofori Asare

In an initiative organized by the Directorate of Research Innovation and Development (DRID), the University of Media Arts and Communication is poised to host an inter-faculty research seminar on November 24, 2023. The event is scheduled to commence at 10:00 am and will take place at the seminar room on the north Dzorwulu campus.

A notable highlight of the seminar will be the presence of the Acting Rector of the University of Media Arts and Communication Institute of Languages, Dr. Samson Dodzi Fenuku.

Dr. Fenuku is anticipated to delve into the intriguing topic, “Language, Culture, and Mentality: The Three Dimensional Axis of Language Studies and Effective Communication.”

This seminar promises to provide a platform for academic discourse and intellectual exploration, bringing together faculty members, students, and researchers. The chosen theme reflects a commitment to understanding the intricate interplay between language, culture, and mentality, emphasizing their pivotal roles in the realm of language studies and effective communication.

The University invites participants to engage actively in the discussions and insights that will unfold during this enlightening event, fostering a collaborative environment for the advancement of knowledge and research within the academic community.

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