St. Louis SHS is 70 years

St. Louis SHS is 70 years

By: Michael Ahinsah

The St. Louis Secondary School popularly known as Louis is set to celebrate its 70th Anniversary this week in Kumasi with the theme “maintaining our heritage, transforming our world”

According to Rosalind Amoh, a Planning Committee Member, the 70th celebrations began in February 2022 with different exciting events every week.

The climax of the celebration is expected to last the entire week with a gospel rock show on Thursday, 24th November, 2022 and a mentorship program where the old students will speak to all the students on campus coupled with a barbecue dinner on Friday, 25th November, 2022. The penultimate celebration is expected to be on Saturday, 26th November, 2022 with a dinner dance at the cold event center.

Madam Amoh hinted that old students are expected to represent in their 70s uniform to highlight the homecoming ceremony.

” We are going back to St. Louis so you are going back in your uniform so back to the 70s. So, every uniform you use to wear during that time you are supposed to wear that back to St. Louis”, she added.

Speaking to George Sappor on the Uniiq Breakfast Drive, Chairman of the Planning Committee, Ethel Naada stated that arrangements have been made to provide transportation for all St. Louis girls who wish to join the celebration.

“We have a bus arranged and it will be at Airport shell and so all St. Louis girls who are coming will be converging there to be transported by the bus once you have confirmed your availability”, she said.

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