Teacher Associations express support for reintroduction of double track for 1st Year Students

The Conference of Directors of Private Pre-Tertiary schools says it is aware of government’s intention to re-introduce the double-track system for the first years, ahead of reopening tomorrow.

The reintroduction of the double-track system is due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, as government takes steps to ensure social distancing in classrooms.

General Secretary of the Conference Emmanuel Opare says the group supports the move by government.

He called for the prioritization of Teacher Motivation in the reintroduction of the double-track system ahead of their engagement with government.

General Secretary of Ghana National Association of Teachers GNAT Thomas Musah also supports the decision and reasons for the reintroduction of the double-track system.

Although GNAT is also yet to engage government on the matter, the Associations want government to take deliberate steps to upgrade a number of the grade B Schools to grade A.

This, Mr. Musah says will help ease pressure on the A list schools.


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