The Western Regional Director for Ghana Health Service, Naa Dr. Jacob Mahama,  has warned that any person caught in any form of misconduct at the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Sekondi will not be spared.

According to him surgeons with the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital have been transferred for extorting monies from patients and other clients who deal with the hospital.

Naa Dr. Jacob Mahama who disclosed this at  an event to commission a Dialysis unit for at the facility said any staff found culpable will also  not be spared irrespective of role or position.

According to him extortion remains one of the biggest challenge facing the facility  saying “Our main challenge at Effia-Nkwanta is illegal collection of monies which our Director-General is always fighting; we all know here what illegal collection of monies has done to some of our high level officers” referring to the transfer of some doctors of the facility recently.

As to why the three were transferred instead of being dealt with by the laws of the state or outrightly dismissed, Naa Dr. Mahama said the surgeons have signed a bond to be of good behavior.

“We have said that now we don’t need evidence that you have collected monies from somebody, if there is an allegation against you, we know what we will do to you because we cannot punish three high level specialists and now we have only one surgeon so we won’t spare you when you are caught,” he warned.

Recently the hospital has made it mandatory for all workers of Effia- Nkwanta to wear their name tags for easy identification and have also advised patients not to allow doctors and nurses to attend to them if they are without their ID cards on.

Naa Dr. Jacob Mahama, also commended the new Medical Director of the facility Dr Joseph Kojo Tambil for working assiduously to rebrand the facility and urged him to sustain the action.

Story filed by Marie Aziz Tunde

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