Workers bury the bodies of migrants, who died in a shipwreck off the coast of Khoms, at a communal cemetery in Libya's capital suburb of Tajoura on July 28, 2019. PHOTO | AFP

A village in northern Ethiopia is in mourning after learning about the death of 15 young migrants from their community.

They lost their lives while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya in a bid to reach Europe.

The migrants were high school students from Endalgeda when they were “lured by smugglers for a better life”, a local official told BBC.

It is not clear when the students left the village of Endalgeda, which borders Eritrea, or when exactly they died.

Of the 19 who set out, only four were alive, the official said.

The Irob community heard on Monday from survivors that nine of the young women and six of the young men had died attempting the dangerous sea crossing.

“They were held captive two and three times in Libya forcing their relatives to pay as much 300,000 birr (about$ 10,000, £8,000) for their freedom,” the official said.

Source: The EastAfrican

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