The Volta Dance Ensemble of Washington DC, USA, gave a spellbound performance at the largest hall in Charlotte NC, as this year’s CEANA convention brought together Ewes in the diaspora to celebrate one of the greatest events for persons of Ewe descent.

The attendees of the Council of Ewe Associations in North America (CEANA) annual event came mainly from the USA, Canada and Ghana to celebrate Ewe culture and to share ideas on the future of Eweland.

Besides the main hall, two other halls had to be hurriedly arranged to accommodate other attendees during the Saturday dinner!

The event started fiery on Friday, August 30, 2019, saw the group showcasing the unique culture of Ewes as they performed Misago ( Husago), Gahu, Gota, and others to the delight of the large crowd gathered! The crowd was mostly cheering and at times some of the revelers come out to dance with the performers or do their “own thing” wherever they stood or sat!

The vibrant and thought-provoking traditional dances from Eweland tell a unique story of the traditions and history of the Ewe people in Ghana, Togo, Benin and parts of Nigeria. Yes, indeed CEANA conventions have grown to be the most splendid and remarkable Ghanaian convention in the diaspora! Attendance in Charlotte was estimated be close to 700!

The achievements of CEANA have been on the upside recently and one cannot talk about the achievements of CEANA however, without mentioning the name of the outgoing President, Dr. Peter Nat Abotchie and his lieutenants who have transformed the way CEANA does its business in many ways. The result is seen in the remarkable rise in the number of attendees and achievements CEANA has chalked consistently over the past several years!

During his 6-year tenure, he put in place committees to handle all aspects of CEANA’s undertakings, from the organization of the convention, fundraising, administration, history and culture of the Ewe people to project selection, etc.

Today, CEANA is a registered NGO in Ghana and it is in the position to clear donations to institutions in the country without much difficulty. The organization can also assist other organizations and individuals in clearing their donations at ports in Ghana!

During the past 6 years, the organization has completed six community development projects, including classroom buildings and clinics. The completed projects are at, Tanyigbe Anyigbe, Keta-Vui, Alokoegbe, Amoussokope, Tsito Awudome, and Dawu.

The Tsito Awudome Medical Center was a recipient of medical equipment valued at over $26,000.00. When members and the leadership of the group saw students in a viral video last year, wading and swimming on their way to and from school, they decided to do something about it!

The organization worked with engineers at the Ho Technical University towards that end. The result is a footbridge now under construction to serve the children and the community’s needs!

CEANA membership has also jumped from 12 to 18 registered associations under Dr. Abotchie’s leadership! To make it easier for organizing the annual convention, the outgoing administration has put in place a prototype convention guidelines.

In fair and peaceful elections conducted by the electoral committee of the organization, Dr. Tsatsu Nyamadi, vice president under Dr. Abotchie, beat Mr. Mawuli Agbenu to win the Presidential contest to lead CEANA.

Dr. Nyamadi’s team which was inducted at the CEANA banquet on Saturday August 31, includes Prince Kofi Gbeklui (1st vice president), William Kumah (2nd vice president), Dr. Christian Tetteh (Director of administration), Mary Narnor (secretary), Florence Ayimey-Lokko (financial controller) and Patrick Adzadu (PRO).

Before the curtains were closed on the 2019 convention, the Ewe Association of Georgia Inc., who are the hosts of the 2020 convention, reminded attendees with their own unique advertisement on the picnic grounds! They were spotted all over the place in T-shirts captioned in front, “CEANA IN ATLANTA 2020” and the back reads, “CEANA 2020”. They also showcased, jubilated and danced around a James Bond type convertible BMW car with CEANA 2020 convention decals.

If the recent trend of enthusiasm around CEANA continues, Atlanta will be the biggest convention yet in our times!

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