Diginitories to BM Farmers Day

The Bolgatanga Municipal Farmers Day was observed at the Jubilee Park, it was jointlycelebrated by the Bolgatanga East District Assembly.

Awards ranged from motor kings, motorbikes, Bicycles Knapsack Sprayers, Donky Carts, Corn trasher, and Block ploughs among other.In all about 15 Gallant farmers took home various awards.

Ayine Asmpana 2nd runner up BM

For the Bolgatanga Municipal Awards category, Ayine Asampana, Bolga-Soe 2nd runner up, received Motor bike, one cutlass pair ofwellington boots and a certificate.

First runner up went to Ayinpanga Atoyanyange, and wasgiven a Motor Bike; pair of wellington Boots, a cutlass and a certificate.

Municipal Best Farmer Abdulai Dramani Amaliba

Abdulai Dramani Amaliba from Bolga Sherigu won the overall Municipal Best Award Winner. He took homeMotor King one cutlass and a certificate.

His award was given to him by the Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive, Amyuure For rhe Bolgatanga East District Assembly, Stephen Apana from Gambibgo 2nd runner up he took home, Motor Bike, pair of wellington boots acutlasss and certificate. Simon Azanlerigu from Zuran- Moshie became the first runner, for hisprice he took home a Motor bike, wellington boots, cutlass and a certificate.

The overall Bolga East District Best Award Winner went to Caroline Akoba from Zuran-Gaabisi. She went awaywith a motor King, Half piece of GTP cloth, a cutlass and a certificate. The rest were the singlecommodity awards category combined.

They were; the Best crop, rice, sorghum, maize,livestock, fish, cooperating farmer, award winners.

Emmanuel Apaadike took the Best physically challenge farmer award.

He took home a bicycle, pair of wellington boots, knapsack sprayer, acutlass and certificate.

Dignitories inspecting the Awards

Speaking on the theme, the Municipal Dirctor of Agriculture Dr. Misahsaid, Agriculture through the sustainable development of various commodity value chain, canlead to the transformation of the economy, evidence in employment opportunities, incomegrowth among others.

The Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive Joseph Amyuure Aturahencouraged the farmers to explore the laudable agricultural policies being instituted by HisExecellency Nana Addo to increase productivity.

The grounds of Jubilee Park with some items on display

Story by Emmanuel Akayeti

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