A Research Analyst at the Centre for Democratic Development CDD Ghana, Rhoda Afful says Ghana has not done well with Gender Equality and equity despite the importance of balance to societal and national development.

Speaking on GBC’s Current Affairs Programme, Talking Point which assessed the performance of women and opportunities available to them on the occasion of International Woman’s day which was observed on March 8, Mrs Afful said Ghana has not reached the level of Gender parity.

This is evident in all sectors particularly Parliament.  A Clinical Psychologist, Victoria Asaah Ofei applauded women for their show of determination to get to the top.

She was of the view that women would have achieved more if certain opportunities were solely left for them to attain.

She called for the removal of structural barriers that hinder woman from reaching the top.

The Queen mother of Mafi Aflokpo, Mama Aflo Vuiede placed the blame at the doorstep of women saying they themselves are part of the processes that relegate them to the background.

Those were views of panelists on our Current Affairs Programme, Talking Point which discussed women and opportunities available to them.

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