Minister of Interior - Ambrose Dery

The Interior Ministry has declared Monday, January 7, 2019, as a Constitution Day and which must be observe as a public holiday nationwide.

This was in a statement signed and issued by the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, December 27, 2018.

The Constitution Day is a new Public Holiday added, which will be observed for the first time in Ghana.

Earlier this month, legislation was laid in parliament on government’s proposal of new holidays to be observed in the country.

The government sought to amend the public holiday Act 2001 (Act 601) with the introduction of the ‘Constitution Day’ to be observed on January 7.

The amendment also proposed that the Africa Union day, marked on May 25, and Republic Day on July 1 be made commemorative days.

January 7, 1993, was the day the Fourth Republic of Ghana was constituted.

This was after its approval at a Referendum held on April 28, 1992.

January 7 is also the day new Presidents’ and their Vice are sworn into office.


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